February 2011

Base64 encode and decode an NSString in Cocoa

Matt Gallagher has a NSData+Base64 catagory for extending an NSData object. I wanted to be able to encode and decode an NSString both ways.


Technology Choices in Our Community

We sent report cards home electronically last week. The parents receive an email with a code and then log into a special section of our website. It provides us with a unique opportunity to get a complete snapshot of the technology our parents are using. These graphs were generated from our web server logs for the 48 hours following the emails being sent out. Only logs related to the the report card section of our website were used. This set should contain only our parents, and it should contain at least one entry for every family in the school.

Send Email Example for Cocoa

This example Xcode project shows how to send an email from within a Cocoa application. It does not require that the user have any mail client configured. It requires you to specify a mail server and account to use in the code.

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