I recently returned from Haiti where I met a very special person named Michneider. She is a 14 year old orphan who lost her mother when she was four years old and her father in the 2010 earthquake. She has been living with doctors from Ti Kay (An NGO working on Tuberculosis) as she literally has no where to go. They are providing her with food, housing and are in the process of getting her a tutor. However, this is a situation that can not be maintained indefinitely. There are people who would like to adopt her and bring her to the US, but who lack the funds to do so. At the very least Ti Kay needs some help supporting the people who are currently supporting her. 

I can tell you that Michneider is a happy, creative, smart and warm kid. I was very moved by her story and want to help. The approximate amount of money needed to adopt a child from Haiti is $30,000. Please consider giving what you can. There is no official campaign or charity for her so you need to give through Ti Kay and make sure to note its for "Michneider". Adoption can be very complicated in Haiti so I can not even guarantee it will work if we raise the money, but I can tell you that I spent time with these people and trust them a lot. If nothing else I can assure you this money will go directly to impacting the lives of Haitians in great need in some way. 
Adam Gerson 3/24/14
You gan give online at http://www.tikayhaiti.org/donate.html (Make sure to note "Michneider")
or by check
Ti Kay, Inc 
320 Wyoming Ave 
Maplewood NJ 07040
(Make sure to note "Michneider")
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