The problem is Mac OS X Server.

The problem is Mac OS X Server. The problem is Apple's implementation of AFP and OD. I am an Apple user, stockholder, fanboy, certified system administrator and programmer with over ten years of Mac Server admin experience. So, I don't say this lightly. Apple servers are junk at the enterprise level. AFP as Apple has implemented it is just not stable with a large number of connections. Their own engineers admit to as much if you talk to them candidly. I also find OD to become corrupted and cranky periodically. Mac OS X Server may be fine for small business, but it is not enterprise class software or hardware and there is limited enterprise class support. We got rid of most of our Mac servers this summer. We have our 450+ Mac clients now authenticating to Active Directory with home directories stored on Extreme Zip AFP servers running on Windows Server 2008. Its expensive, but we also went with a 3rd party AD plugin for Mac called Centrify. It allows us to push out managed preferences to the Mac without Workgroup Manager or Mac hardware. I am still tuning things, and its not perfect, but its most certainly faster, more reliable, supports more simultaneous connections, and the companies that make these tools actually provide support for them.
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