RIP Steve Jobs

My first line of code was written on an Apple IIe in Basic. The first computer I ever owned was an Apple IIc and my first Mac was the LCIII. I can not fathom how many I have owned since. Steve, you will be missed. 


"There may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented." --Barack Obama


‎"If you walked into the office of almost any chief executive and asked him or her to describe a favorite font, I’m pretty sure you would be greeted with a blank stare and silence. If you asked Steve Jobs you had better make yourself comfortable: Mr. Jobs was passionate about typography and would have described, in great detail, the intricacies of a single serif. But the greatest example of Mr. Jobs’s attention to detail and design can be found in the little millimeter-sized glowing light that appears on every MacBook Laptop. The light, known as a sleep indicator, glows when the laptop is closed, or sleeping. Competing laptops have this feature too, but Apple’s is different. The Mac sleep indicator is timed to glow at the average breathing rate of an adult: 12 breaths per minute. As with the space between typographic letter on the Macintosh, only Mr. Jobs could pay attention to such detail." - New York Times



Even The Onion got it right

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