Bootstrap style Quicktabs in Drupal

Got the Drupal Bootstrat theme installed and looking to get "bootstrat" style QuickTabs? Edit template.php and add:

Simple Blogroll ported to Drupal 7

We have ported the Simple Blogroll module to Drupal 7. I did not write the original code, but I am now the new co-maintainer. You can see an example of it running on this site. This was my first attempt to write a Drupal 7 module and to use the new database APIs. Thanks to the coder module and some good documentation on drupal.org it was a relatively painless and straightforward process. 

taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary replacement for drupal 7

taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary() is not available in Drupal 7. I discovered this when I tried to install the Tweet Module whose D7 branch still relies on it. I re-wrote the D6 version of the function for D7 which returns the same array of term objects. This should help module maintainers port their D6 modules to D7. If there is a better D7 way to do this please let me know in the comments.

$image_url_with_style image_style_url('square_thumbnail',$image_uri);
'<img src="'.$image_url_with_style.'">';
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