Educational Technology

The Minecraft Teacher

A computer teacher has fallen in love with Minecraft. That in and of itself is not that abnormal. Many people feel strongly about this game and its cutting edge approach to free form gaming and world building. It has inspired music videos, documentaries and a very active and loyal fan base.

Technology Choices in Our Community

We sent report cards home electronically last week. The parents receive an email with a code and then log into a special section of our website. It provides us with a unique opportunity to get a complete snapshot of the technology our parents are using. These graphs were generated from our web server logs for the 48 hours following the emails being sent out. Only logs related to the the report card section of our website were used. This set should contain only our parents, and it should contain at least one entry for every family in the school.

An open letter to Smart Technologies

We the undersigned met recently at the NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Conference held this November 12th -14th 2008 at The Mohonk Mountain House. During a session entitled “Smartboards Do Not Work Very Well” we attempted to identify the common problems we all have with our Smartboards. It was clear from our conversation that most of us had made significant investments in Smartboard technology and wished to continue to integrate interactive whiteboards into our communities.
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