RIP Steve Jobs

‎"If you walked into the office of almost any chief executive and asked him or her to describe a favorite font, I’m pretty sure you would be greeted with a blank stare and silence. If you asked Steve Jobs you had better make yourself comfortable: Mr. Jobs was passionate about typography and would have described, in great detail, the intricacies of a single serif..."

Go Neat Patch or Go Home

I spent the day setting up a new IDF. If you aren't using Neat Path in your network racks you just don't know how sweet life can be.

Did some minor testing, got my name in the Chromium source code

Chromium has a Javascript library for detecting orientation in devices like phones, tablets and laptops that have accelerometers. I ran into an engineer at a meeting who needed some help testing this library on a specific Mac laptop that I had access to. Unfortunately, I didn't contribute any code, but I did get my name committed to the Chromium source code in a comment.

Perfect sound, I have found you

I have been searching for a good iPod speaker system for a while now. After what I considered to be disappointing sound from both the Bose SoundDock II and 10 models I have found iPod sound Nirvana.

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