Quota Monitor Menu and Windows/Extreme Zip Quotas

Quotas on Windows/Extreme Zip have to be set up very specifically for Quota Monitor Menu to work. Windows Server 2008 introduced a new mechanism for quotas called "The File Server Resource Manager" that does not fully work with the Mac finder. The quotas are enforced but not visually indicated or acessible to Quota Monitor Menu. You have to use the "old style" quotas (right click on the volume ->Properties) and follow these instructions from Group Logic about where in the share hierarchy they are assigned.

The problem is Mac OS X Server.

The problem is Mac OS X Server. The problem is Apple's implementation of AFP and OD. I am an Apple user, stockholder, fanboy, certified system administrator and programmer with over ten years of Mac Server admin experience. So, I don't say this lightly. Apple servers are junk at the enterprise level. AFP as Apple has implemented it is just not stable with a large number of connections. Their own engineers admit to as much if you talk to them candidly. I also find OD to become corrupted and cranky periodically.

It looks like Microsoft Office 2011 when paired with Mac network home directories is still susceptible to random read only documents because of spotlight. In our testing we confirmed conclusively that when the processes was running certain Word documents would open as read only. We fixed this by disabling spotlight indexing on our home folders. You can do this while logged in as the user by having them run an apple script or terminal command:

Quota Monitor Menu 3.0 beta ready for testing

The Situation: You have a Mac OS X Server with network home directories and disk quotas enabled. The Problem: The Mac OS Finder on client machines does not have very good support for warning users they are approaching their file quota limit. They end up all of sudden unable to save files with little or no explanation as to why.

Server Admin Debug Menu

While troubleshooting an issue with a setting in Server Admin not sticking I discovered its "Debug Menu". Apple has a habit of hiding useful menus like this in applications like Safari. To enable the menu read on...

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